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Our company

A classic family business

Almost six decades ago, Peter Brodkorb laid the foundation for a company that originally specialized in the wholesale of watch and jewelry spare parts, including watch bracelets, by founding pebro GmbH. Peter Brodkorb soon recognized the immense potential in the market for high-quality watch straps. Driven by this insight, he focused on offering exclusive and outstanding quality watch straps at affordable prices. This strategic focus proved to be groundbreaking. Over the decades, pebro has established itself as one of the leading providers in this segment, with an impressive customer base of almost 3,000 jewelers, watchmakers and goldsmiths worldwide.

Over time, Jörg and Lucas Brodkorb, representatives of the second and third respectively third generation of the family to join the company. They brought in a breath of fresh air and new perspectives, which means that pebro continues its successful course and continues to develop. A significant milestone in this development is the expansion of our range to include high-quality bracelets for the Apple Watch. This step allows you to experience the proven quality and craftsmanship that has defined pebro for decades for your Apple Watch - and at an incomparable price. At pebro we are proud to offer you craftsmanship and quality that is not only traditional, but also contemporary and innovative.

Our manufactories

Location Europe

Geographical distribution of our factories
Producing large quantities of handmade watch straps is a challenging task that requires extensive capacities and efficient organization. In order to meet this challenge and at the same time ensure the high quality of our products, we have strategically distributed our factories across Europe. This geographical spread allows us to react flexibly to market requirements while maintaining proximity to our European customers.

Locations with tradition and expertise
Our production facilities are located in key locations such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Greece, each known for their unique artisanal traditions and expertise in the production of leather goods. Each of these locations brings its own, region-specific expertise and style into production, which gives our watch straps an unmistakable variety and uniqueness.

Quality and diversity in production
Reflects this diversity is reflected in each and every one of our products, ensuring that our customers can choose from a wide range of designs and materials, all of which meet the highest quality standards. Our pan-European network of manufacturers allows us to produce large quantities of handmade watch straps without compromising on the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each of our products.

Material selection

Only hand-selected types of leather from well-known European tanneries make it into our production. All vegetable tanned and therefore particularly skin and environmentally friendly.

Precise processing

Our trained manufacturing employees produce each bracelet with the utmost care and dedication. This is how unique pieces are created with a personal influence that you will feel.

Quality control

Before a bracelet is sent to you, our quality inspection takes another look to see whether there are any defects. All of this, as well as the final assembly, takes place in Germany.

Become part of a unique journey

As the founder of Edelband, I am excited by how our exclusive straps can instantly enhance the elegance of any Apple Watch. Our journey began almost six decades ago with my grandfather Peter Brodkorb, whose dedication to quality laid the foundation for pebro. My father Jörg and I have continued this vision.

Carefully handcrafted in European workshops, our bands combine traditional craftsmanship with modern style to ensure durability and unique flair, enhancing the Apple Watch experience.

Thank you for being part of the Edelband journey. It is an honor to share our passion and fascination with you and we look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional products that you can wear with pride.

Best regards

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