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Legacy65 · Vintage · Special Edition

€ 129.90

Handgefertigt in unseren Manufakturen
Handgefertigt in unseren Manufakturen
Qualität seit 1965
Qualität seit 1965
Hochwertiges Material
Hochwertiges Calf leather
100% vegetabil gegerbt
100% vegetabil gegerbt
Handgefertigt in unseren Manufakturen
Handgefertigt in unseren Manufakturen
Qualität seit 1965
Qualität seit 1965
Hochwertiges Material
Hochwertiges Calf leather
100% vegetabil gegerbt
100% vegetabil gegerbt
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Apple Watch Ultra (2)
Bandbreite 24 mm
Schließenbreite 22 mm
Bandlänge 130-170 mm
Handgelenksumfang 179-219 mm
Vergleichbar bei Apple mit Größe M/L

A combination of tradition and modernity

In the depths of our factories, where tradition is not only preserved but celebrated with every move, something is created that is much more than just an accessory for your Apple Watch Ultra. "Legacy65" is not just a name. It is a promise, a piece of our history, handcrafted and imbued with the passion and skill of our workers. Each piece tells the story of our house since 1965, each strap is a testament to our dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Handcraft: A testimony to craftsmanship

The black leather, chosen for its exceptional quality and durability, is accentuated by orange stitching - a tribute to the action button on the Apple Watch Ultra. These stitches are the result of careful handwork, each one made with classic needle and thread. This conscious decision to handcraft guarantees that no two straps are the same. Slight variations in the stitching are a commitment to individuality and a visible sign of the character that makes each "Legacy65" strap truly unique.

Unique details: Sanded edges for added charm

In addition to the artfully stitched seams, we decided to sand the edges of each individual bracelet by hand. This fine detail adds a subtle but effective accent that gives the bracelet even more charm and a touch of elegance. It is this attention to detail that sets "Legacy65" apart from others and gives its wearers a very special joy.

Authenticity: Part of our history

With "Legacy65" you don't just get a strap. You become part of a tradition that is expressed in every detail, in every fiber. This strap combines the elegance of your Apple Watch Ultra with a piece of living history, crafted by hands that have dedicated their entire lives to the art of watch strap making.

Your "Legacy65" bracelet also comes with a certificate of authenticity, which not only confirms the uniqueness of your piece, but also its membership in an exclusive series of only 65 pieces worldwide. The individual numbering, engraved on the bottom of the bracelet, assures you that your "Legacy65" is part of our shared history - a story of craftsmanship, quality and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

More than just an accessory

Wear "Legacy65" not just as an accessory, but as an expression of a rich history that now becomes a piece of your own. Every time you look at your Apple Watch Ultra, you will be reminded of the unparalleled quality and heritage immortalized in your "Legacy65" strap.

Care instructions

1. Avoid moisture: Leather is sensitive to moisture. Therefore, do not wear the bracelet while showering, swimming, exercising or in heavy rain.

2. Avoid direct sunlight: Do not store the bracelet in direct sunlight for long periods of time as this may dry out and discolor the leather.

3. Cleaning: Wipe the bracelet regularly with a dry, soft cloth to remove dirt and dust. If it is heavily soiled, use a slightly damp cloth with mild soapy water. Then wipe with a dry cloth.

4. Leather care: Use a high-quality leather care product to keep the strap supple and prevent it from drying out. Apply the care product and gently polish the leather with a clean cloth.
Please do not use leather care on items made of suede or similar material.
You can find information about this in the description of the respective product.

We recommend our Edelbalsam as a care product.

5. Be careful with perfume and chemicals: Avoid direct contact of the bracelet with perfume, lotions or other chemical substances as these can damage the leather.

By following these care tips, you can ensure that your Apple Watch leather strap stays in top condition and brings you joy for a long time.


Each of our Apple Watch straps bears the signature of true masters of their craft. Since 1965, our craftsmen in Europe's factories have combined traditional techniques with contemporary elegance. Behind each strap is not only decades of experience, but also a deep passion for quality and sustainability.

We only select the finest types of leather, which are tanned using purely vegetable tanning methods and without chemical additives. This careful selection guarantees that each bracelet is not only exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear, but also does justice to your skin and the environment. Our attention to detail and commitment to environmentally friendly production make each Edelband bracelet truly unique - made to accompany and inspire you day after day.

Discover how traditional craftsmanship and conscious material selection come together in a fine bracelet to wear not just a watch, but a story on your wrist.

Do you have any questions?

Our team will be happy to advise you at any time. Simply contact us using our contact form and we will help you.

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Legacy65 · Vintage · Special Edition

€ 129.90


A unique story

Witness our unique endeavor to combine decades of traditional craftsmanship with the modernity of Apple Watch.

Quality since 1965

We have been committed to the art of handcrafting watch straps for nearly six decades. With over 50 years of experience, we combine traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation to create unique Apple Watch straps.

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Each precious bracelet is manufactured with the utmost precision and attention to detail in our European factories.
This means that with every leather strap you wear on your Apple Watch you are wearing a piece of craftsmanship.


Exclusive materials

For our Apple Watch straps, we only use the best materials, such as leather from well-known Italian, Spanish and German tanneries, as well as metal components of the highest precision.



At Edelband, we focus on sustainability. Our materials are sourced responsibly and our leather is vegetable tanned, i.e. without artificial additives.


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